Pandemic Emergency Plan

Pandemic Emergency Plan
Westhampton Care Center – 9/11/2020

Communication with Family Members and Guardians:

A – Westhampton Care Center will call the designated phone number of the authorized family members and guardians of residents infected with the pandemic infectious disease at least once per day and nurse will call upon a change in the resident’s condition.

B – Westhampton Care Center will update all residents and authorized family members and guardians once per week on number of infections and in the case of a positive test result for resident, staff member or an infectious related death. We will communicate via Robocall to the phone number provided by the family members and guardians of residents.

C – Westhampton Care Center Recreation Department will provide all residents with free daily video communication, phone, window or door visits with their family members and guardians. Please call 631.288.0101 ext. 1070 to arrange your video conferencing, phone, window or door visit.

Infection Protection Plan:

To reduce transmission of a pandemic disease Westhampton Center will take proper precautions by isolating and cohorting those residents that are infected in accordance with the facility cohorting plan. Proper signage will be posted to identify these areas for the safety of both our staff and residents. In case Westhampton Care Center cannot sustain proper cohorted areas as necessary, we will communicate with the Department of Health and local agencies to provide appropriate support to our facility. In accordance with the Department of Health guidelines, Residents who have been hospitalized due to the pandemic disease will be allowed to return to facility taking into consideration our ability to meet their medical needs. The resident’s bed will be preserved during this hospitalization period in accordance with the NYS Medicaid guidelines.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

For the safety of our Staff and residents, Westhampton Care Center has established accounts with preferred vendors to supply PPE. Additionally, Westhampton Care Center will store on site a 60-day supply of the following PPE:

  1. N95 respirators
  2. Face shield and Eye protection
  3. Gowns/isolation gowns
  4. Gloves
  5. Masks
  6. Hand Sanitizer
  7. Disinfectants in accordance with current EPA guidelines.

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